Project Description

Fast Facts


Our chaplains support people through life’s challenges and experiences, working across:

  • Aged Care (73%)
  • Community outreach (11%)
  • Prisons (8%)
  • Hospitals (6%)
  • Juvenile Justice (2%)
chaplains across the organisation
hours of chaplaincy every week
travelled weekly to reach clients

Highlights From The Year

Chaplains In The Community

Chaplaincy doesn’t just sit neatly within the traditional ‘four walls’ of our aged care homes or within our community centres

We have 16 Chaplains who work in gaols, correctional and juvenile justice centres, hospitals and communities across NSW and the ACT, offering emotional and spiritual support to people. We have also extended our Chaplaincy to women who are experiencing domestic violence (DV) and living in our DV supported accommodation.

Our Chaplains are available to listen to a person’s story, allowing them a chance to talk about both the challenges and achievements in their life. Sometimes this will include exploring questions about meaning and purpose, and God.

Eddie And The Inner West

The Chaplains who work in BaptistCare’s community settings are a familiar and friendly face, someone you can have a laugh and a joke with, while also sharing some of the troubles that many of our disadvantaged community experience.

Eddie, is our Chaplain to the boarding house residents of Petersham and our social housing residents at BaptistCare Kitty Doyle, in Five Dock.

Perhaps one of Eddie’s highlights is the weekly community lunch he hosts in Petersham, where he builds relationships and strengthens the community of people living in the area. Together 40 – 80 people enjoy a meal and then work in the community garden, restore old bicycles for giving away, and participate in a Bible study group run by Eddie.

Chaplaincy Health Check

Between November and February, BaptistCare and an external agency interviewed and surveyed 197 staff and clients from across our services, to determine how they felt about Chaplaincy, from our Chaplain’s actions, to the culture and structure they work within.

Almost two thirds of participants stated that our chaplaincy service culture was positive, appreciated, trusted and highly valued, with the strongest asset of our chaplains being the character of the chaplain.

We received solid confirmation that our chaplains are delivering a service that truly enhances the lives of our staff, clients and their families.

The Volunteer Pastoral Care Visitors Program

BaptistCare is reconnecting the community with our Volunteer Pastoral Care Visitors Program, which commenced in 2014, and has been providing emotional and spiritual support to seniors who receive support through our aged care services.

The volunteer program creates a platform where volunteers, who are active in their local church connect with BaptistCare clients who live within their community or who are in residential care. Volunteers complete a free interactive pastoral care course over eight weeks, which includes practical work alongside of our chaplains. The course provides vital skills for exploring issues of loss and grief, and discussing how experiences shape our lives, and how ageing changes our experiences.

This year alone we’ve trained 48 volunteers who are have visited 863 BaptistCare clients across Wagga Wagga, Macquarie Park, Narellan and North Sydney, with the program continuing to expand across NSW and the ACT in the coming year.

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