Chairman & CEO’s Report

Together, we welcome you to our 2016 Annual Report and invite you to share our heartbeat and capture a glimpse of the year we have been privileged to experience.

Across all of our services this year, we have again committed wholeheartedly to better understand and respond to the needs of our customers and clients. Whether this is a woman and her children who have been traumatised by an abusive husband and father, or an ageing man who has no family and declining health.

We believe that Care you can trust begins from that very first moment of contact, and to that end, BaptistCare has launched our new Customer Engagement Centre, rolling out strong and positive customer service training to all of our staff.

As we write this year’s Annual Report, we continue to work through some of the biggest changes our organisation has faced. Much preparation and foundational work has taken place across the organisation in the last year, as we strive to be a robust and sustainable care provider into the future.

HopeEnterprises launched in February 2016

We are acutely aware that inequality, depressed living standards and housing stress across our country is a pressing issue. Poverty and homelessness are realities for many of the communities we operate in, and the individuals to whom we provide services.

We have also seen the increasing public awareness of an issue that has long destroyed families across our country, that of domestic and family violence. While BaptistCare has worked in this area for almost 30 years, we have welcomed the intensified national attention calling for the violence to end.

As we see opportunities to break the cycle of poverty, our microfinance team have realised some wonderful outcomes and our BaptistCare HopeStreet has also continued to evolve, offering people a sustainable pathway out of long term unemployment through the launch of HopeEnterprises.

Amongst this hardship, we observe that Australia’s ageing population and the baby-boomer generation soon to reach retirement are certain to increase the demand on BaptistCare’s aged care services. These customers are also on a journey of change that we have spent the last year preparing for, as together, we will operate and provide services in an increasingly competitive, consumer-oriented, market driven aged care environment.

For our home care services, this saw the introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) in July 2015. We are especially pleased with our response to CDC following the launch of YouChoose, an approach to care in the home that allows the customer control, choice and clarity around the services they need.

We have continued to witness impressive progress on building and refurbishment projects across many of our residential aged care sites, with a total of $33 million invested on two significant projects; Orana on the Central Coast and Niola in Parkes.

We are also excited to see work continuing on our new residential aged care facility at Kellyville, where on the same site, The Gracewood  has grown to become a wonderful community of people, who are enjoying a community living lifestyle, and who enthusiastically welcome the sale of stage 2 apartments at this award-winning retirement living site.

As part of the NSW Government’s biggest social housing reforms in 40 years, BaptistCare was successful in an Expression Of Interest, and therefore moved to lodge a Request For Proposal, to provide 500 dwellings for older people at risk of homelessness and for women and children escaping domestic violence. We believe that housing is not just about placing a roof over someone’s head, but it is about the provision of security, community, and most importantly, a sense of belonging.

YouChoose app was launched in April

“Our most important resource continues to be our 3600 staff and 1000 volunteers who exemplify Care you can trust each and every day”.

Orana Centre redevelopment underway

Our most important resource continues to be our 3600 staff and 1000 volunteers who exemplify Care you can trust each and every day. We thank them for their hearts, their dedication and commitment and for the difference they make in the lives of our customers.

The Association of Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT continues to work alongside BaptistCare, and we thank them for the very practical and prayerful partnership we enjoy.

The leadership of our Board of Directors, our Executive Committee and Senior Leadership Group have ensured BaptistCare is well positioned for the future, and to them we express our sincere gratitude. Of particular note, we farewell and thank Robert Dunn, who resigned from the Board during the course of the year. His professionalism and wise counsel will be greatly missed.

We appreciate those that have gone before us and paved the way for BaptistCare to become the caring, trustworthy and Christ-led organisation it is today. Our members and donors play a very special role in our organisation, and we are indebted to their passion, commitment and long-standing support of our mission.

In particular, we thank Ron Robertson, our first Secretary, who went to be with the Lord on Monday 27 June. Ron gave 27 years of employment and service to our organisation, and with his wife Nancy, was pivotal in the development and expansion of services in those very early days.

As always, we thank God for his grace and provision. We commit the future to Him, confident that under God’s direction, BaptistCare will continue to grow and prosper as we seek to leave an imprint of the love of Christ on the lives of those for whom we care. With all the challenges of change we face, we continue to place our trust in Him as our refuge and our strength. (Psalm 46:1)

Graham Henderson

Ross Low
Chief Executive Officer